Hi, I’m Laura.

profileI’m an illustrator and visual designer, specializing in integrating organic, occasionally macabre imagery with the beautiful and fantastical, creating unique and unconventional worlds.

I graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a Master of Science in biomedical visualization, giving me expert-level anatomy knowledge coupled with the ability to distill extremely complex ideas and processes down to their simplest, most palatable, and most aesthetically pleasing form.

Currently working on the Level 99 Games art team. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Contact me

lauralavito@gmail.com | discord: totalhavok#5906 | skype: lauralavito


art direction • visual design • branding + packaging • UI/UX

Recent clients

Level 99 GamesStone Circle GamesChocolate Pi GamesCarpe Omnis GamesTwilight Miniatures